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  • Xbox Series

Back Button (Left) - Dpad ↑

Back Button (Right) - B

Mouse Click Trigger (Left) - Yes

Mouse Click Trigger (Right) - Yes

Front Shell - Aqua Violet

Back Shell - Purple Haze

Side Panel Left - Purple Haze

Side Panel Right - Purple Haze

Battery Cover - Purple Haze

Xbox Button - Dark Blue

A - Aqua Violet

B - Aqua Violet

X - Aqua Violet

Y - Aqua Violet

D-PAD - Aqua Violet

Menu Button - Standard Black

View Button - Standard Black

Share Button - Standard Black

Sync Button - Standard Black

Left Thumbstick - French Blue

Right Thumbstick - French Blue

Left Trigger - Aqua Violet

Right Trigger - Aqua Violet

Top Trim - Aqua Violet

Bumpers - Aqua Violet

Rush Build - Yes

Extended Warranty - Yes

Our Packaging

This controller comes with our Gamenetics premium magnetic soft touch box and a nylon mesh hard case to protect your controller when not in use. Included inside is a Gamenetics personalized card signed by the controller technician who made your controller.

Build your own custom controller