Ironman Inspired PS5 DIY Kit


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  • PS5 DIY Kit

What you get:

- Soft Touch Crimson Red Front Shell
- Gold Chrome Trim Piece
- Gold Chrome Button Kit
- Gold Chrome Bumpers & Triggers
- Soft Touch Crimson Red Touch Pad
- Soft Touch Crimson Red Back Shell
- Gold Chrome PlayStation Button
- DIY Tool Kit (Screwdriver, Pry Tool and 10 Extra Screws)
- Gamenetics Nylon Mesh Hard Case
- Gamenetics Magnetic Box
- Gamenetics Hand Signed Card 

We've created a tutorial on showing you exactly what to do step by step when you receive it in the mail. It will show you how to customize your controller start to finish, step by step with clear instructions on how to do it on your own.

You can find a tutorial here: Gamenetics DIY Tutorial

We have way more kit combinations coming, and lots more accompanying tutorials to go along with each kit. You can watch any PS5 DIY Kit video to show you all the steps.

Our Packaging

This controller comes with our Gamenetics premium magnetic soft touch box and a nylon mesh hard case to protect your controller when not in use. Included inside is a Gamenetics personalized card signed by the controller technician who made your controller.

Build your own custom controller