Limited Edition "Netic V1 23'" Pre-Order SMALL


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Get ready, gamers! Introducing our first ever, ultra-exclusive Gamenetics T-Shirt – a monumental milestone in the ever expanding Gamenetics Community! This isn't just any drop; it's a piece of Gamenetics history. You guys asked for it, and we delivered! 🚀

Limited Edition: Only 250 of these unique tees are up for grabs. Once they're gone, they're gone for good. This is your one chance to own a piece of Gamenetics Legacy!

Extra Perk: Each tee is your golden ticket to our Gamenetics Holiday Giveaway. Imagine winning a $1,000 Gaming Setup, including a brand new PS5 console, a custom controller of your choice, a state-of-the-art 1440p gaming monitor, and a premium gaming headset. Every T-shirt is a chance to win!

Pre-Order Now: This is a pre-order, ensuring you don't miss out. Orders close once 250 have been sold, or by December 20th – whichever comes first. Our skilled team will then craft each tee with precision, ready to ship within 5-7 business days post-production. Expect your exclusive piece of gaming history at your doorstep within 2-4 weeks after orders close.

Join the celebration and secure your limited-edition tee! Step into the chance of a lifetime with Gamenetics. Be part of our story, be a part of the revolution. Are you game? 🎮

Our Packaging

This controller comes with our Gamenetics premium magnetic soft touch box and a nylon mesh hard case to protect your controller when not in use. Included inside is a Gamenetics personalized card signed by the controller technician who made your controller.

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