Orange Black USB-C Charging Cable Compatible with Xbox Series X/S & PS5


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Our new collection of USB-C cables are the perfect custom accessory for your controller. They are 10 foot, braided cables, that allow you to play wired or charge your controller. Compatible with Xbox Series X/S and PS5.

Each controller is handcrafted by our expert controller technicians with incredible attention to detail at every step of the process. We also include a standard 60 day warranty.

We offer USPS and UPS, all of which will be calculated based on where you live. We also ship worldwide.

The standard Gamenetics warranty is 60 days.

Our Packaging

This controller comes with our Gamenetics premium magnetic soft touch box and a nylon mesh hard case to protect your controller when not in use. Included inside is a Gamenetics personalized card signed by the controller technician who made your controller.

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