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This controller design is finished with a high gloss coating over a custom painted front shell. It is also built from an original, used Xbox one controller, cosmetics and internal parts.

Return Policy:
At Gamenetics™️ we offer 30 day returns for all purchases, which will include a 15% restocking fee. If you have issues or problems with your product, we will cover the return shipping costs, and you will not be charged a restocking fee. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns as we are happy to help!

USED Custom Xbox One Controller Crimson Red. This is an OEM Microsoft Xbox One controller, that has been customized by our Gamenetics Team. All controllers are fully functional, and will be tested prior to being shipped out. All of our controllers range from good to like new condition.

Our Packaging

This controller comes with our Gamenetics premium magnetic soft touch box and a nylon mesh hard case to protect your controller when not in use. Included inside is a Gamenetics personalized card signed by the controller technician who made your controller.

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